Hotel boutique en Ibiza Gare du Nord
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Gare du Nord: boutique hotel in Ibiza

Chic, relaxed and newly renovated accommodation

Welcome to Gare du Nord, a luxury boutique hotel located in the bohemian heart of San Juan in the north of Ibiza. Just a two-minute walk from The Giri Residence, this exclusive, relaxed, chic and newly renovated accommodation has only nine rooms, each with exquisite interior design and décor, hand-selected by our creative founders, Yvonne Hulst and Alberto Cortés.

Guests of Gare Du Nord also have access to The Giri Residence's magnificent swimming pool and spa & wellness for the duration of their stay.



Extend your gare du nord experience with exclusive access to The Giri Residence facilities.

Sant Joan de Labritja, sea and mountains in northern Ibiza

Sant Joan de Labritja, sea and mountains in northern Ibiza

San Juan's charm lies in its authenticity and unspoilt natural beauty. This village, surrounded by rolling hills and agricultural fields, offers a tranquil alternative to the Ibiza best known for its frenetic nightlife.

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Not to be missed, only at The Giri Destinations.
Gare du Nord


Gare du Nord has only nine rooms, completely renovated under the expert artistic direction of our founders.

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